NEW [New Member] 김애선 연구원 합류 | Aesun Kim has joined our team as a researcher.

  • 2023-05-03
Aesun Kim has joined our team as a researcher.

Aesun Kim is a multidisciplinary Artist and creative practioner who is interested in Human-Computer Interface. Her practice focuses on Wearable Interface based on Biometric Data with digital aesthetic.Her current research revolves around exploring the creative, technical e-textiles and wearable Interfaces. Her woks have been presented at exhibitions and museums globally, including V&A Digital Design Weekend 2018, Ars Electronica2018,2019, Gewerbemuseum 2023 and more.

김애선 연구원은 다학제 아티스트, 창의적 디자인 연구자로서 HCI 인터페이스와 생체 데이터를 기반으로 새로운 디지털 미학의 인터렉티브, 웨어러블 작업을 해왔습니다. 전자 섬유와 창의적 머테리얼 활용, 웨어러블 인터페이스를 연구합니다. 

포트폴리오 | Portfolio 

Education | 학력
MA, University Art and Design Linz, Austria
BA, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Korea
Experience | 경력
(2023.4-6) Textile industry and Artist residence | Exhibition, Gwerbemuseum_wintertur (Switzerland)
(2022.3-8) Intern, Mercedes Benz Korea R&D (Korea)
(2018 - 2021) Atenea Women & Tech conference (Artist, Workshop, Talks) (Spain)
(2018) Exhibition, V&A Digital Design Weekend 2018 (UK)
Research Area | 연구분야
Interactive textile
Tangible Interface
Innovation design research process